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a lucid dreaming podcast


Jul 16, 2020

Quality time catching up with lucid dream researcher and coach Lana Sackwild! Some of the topics discussed include are using lucid dreaming to help with learning foreign languages, grieving, yoga, dieting, physical healing, wish fulfillment, conflict resolution and overcoming phobias; also shapeshifting to animals, other people or genders; simulating psychedelic experiences in the dream-space, dream journaling, nighttime routines, wake-back-to-bed technique and reentering dreams.

Segment: Reality Checks (1:02:30)

Lana is a transpersonal lucid dreaming and lucid living coach. She was born in London, grew up in Tokyo and is currently based in the Boulder, Colorado area. You can find more info on her coaching, webinars and more at her website


Elliot Gish - lucid dreaming coach

Rupert Sheldrake (morphic resonance)

Wake app (dream journaling)

Wake Back to Bed technique (aka WBTB)



Lana's FB coaching page


Is This a Dream Facebook page