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a lucid dreaming podcast


Jun 4, 2020

Kick back and enjoy this wide ranging conversation with lucid dreaming Mirror Artist Nicky Alice. Some of the topics discussed include dream figures and the ethics of interacting with them, dream stabilization, the relationship between dreaming and psychedelic experiences; angels and guides in lucid dreams, sleep paralysis, dream dictionaries, lucid dream commands, dream control, wake induced lucid dreams and philosophizing about the dreaming space as some sort of matrix of consciousness.


Segment: Dream Recall (39:30)


Nicky Alice is a Southern California-based artist that specializes in using mirrors for canvases and 3D sculptures. His most recent project The Portal is a giant kaleidoscopic interactive installation which is currently touring festivals around the country. In addition to the creative work, Alice has spent time in the music industry working with System of a Down and tour managing. He has recently embarked on a non profit project called Camino del Corazon that is bringing free acupuncture to Latin America. Alice has also studied dream psychology and spent 5 years leading a monthly dream group in Southern California.

“Dream is the personalized myth, myth the depersonalized dream; both myth and dream are symbolic in the same general way of the dynamic of the psyche. But in the dream the forms are quirked by the peculiar troubles of the dreamer, whereas in myth the problems and solutions sown are directly valid for all mankind.”

- Joseph Campbell, The Hero With a Thousand Faces



Robert Waggoner - Lucid Dreaming Gateway to the Inner Self

Robert Monroe - Journeys Out of the Body

Carl Jung

Henry Fuseli's - The Nightmare

Circa Survive


Nicky Alice's Microdosing Blog (password: lucy)



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