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a lucid dreaming podcast


Jul 24, 2020

Some deep diving with lucid dreaming author and coach, Craig Webb. In this episode we touch on a range of topics including musical and creative inspiration in dreams, lucid living principles, reoccurring daymares, reality creation, dreaming practice preparation, grounding techniques, mutual dreaming and lucid flying experiments.

Segment: Return of the Fake Q&A (1:00:00)

Craig is an author, dream researcher, dream coach, composer and inventor. He has a degree in physics and went on to do pioneering lucid dreaming research at Stanford with Stephen LaBerge including being involved with the creation of the NovaDreamer, one of the first lab certified lucid dream induction devices. Craig has designed personal development and biofeedback tools and helped found and produce the weekly radio show Making Contact that has been airing since 1995. He has consulted on major motion pictures, and worked personally with world class athletes, celebrities, authors and CEO’s helping them achieve profound breakthroughs. His recent book The Dreams Behind the Music, features stories from over 200 major artists of music inspired by dreams. You can find Craig online where he offers trainings and dream coaching services, along with a bunch of helpful free dreaming resources at


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